Diversified Programs

Volunteer from Global Volunteers teaching geography to a student

Global Volunteers

Global Volunteers is a private, nonprofit, non-sectarian international human and economic development organization founded in 1984 in St. Paul, Minn. Mobilizing teams of short-term volunteers …

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Global Vision International logo

Global Vision International

Global Vision International (GVI) was formed in 1998 to provide support and services to international charities, non-profits and governmental agencies through volunteering opportunities and direct …

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GSC Global Service Volunteers

Global Service Corps

Founded in 1993 by Baby Boomer Rick Lathrop during his mid-career transition, Global Service Corps (GSC) was envisioned as a “mini-Peace Corps” experience for fellow …

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Global Mamas volunteers with women receiving employment training and assistance

Global Mamas

Global Mamas, founded by Kristin Johnson and Renae Adam, works to achieve economic independence of women and alleviate poverty at a grassroots level in Ghana, West Africa through …

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Global Exchange logo

Global Exchange

Global Exchange is a membership-based international human rights organization dedicated to promoting social, economic and environmental justice around the world. Since our founding in 1988, …

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Global Crossroad logo

Global Crossroad

We strive to offer the world’s most affordable, successful, and enriching volunteer programs. Our highly-respected programs are held in more than 20 countries including China, …

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Volunteers on the Xperitas Community Partnership program


Xperitas was born from Global Citizens Network and Intercultural Student Experiences. Xperitas recognizes the interdependence of people around the world, and that social and economic …

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Globe Aware volunteer with third world citizen

Globe Aware

Globe Aware, a nonprofit organization, currently offers volunteer vacations in Peru, Costa Rica, Romania, Thailand, Cuba , Nepal, Brazil, Cambodia, Laos, and Vietnam. These short-term …

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GeoVisions logo


GeoVisions offers exciting ways to experience first hand a new country and a new community through our volunteer abroad programs. You might want to consider …

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Discover Corps

Discover Corps

Discover Corps was created to give adults a way to rekindle their values of international service in spite of the demands in their busy lives. …

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