Planning Retirement Abroad

Just when we thought we were seeing some light in the Covid 19 crisis along comes Omicron.  As I write, the Omicron threat is fading, vaccination rates have risen, and some countries are loosening their travel restrictions.  It will be a while before travel and international volunteering will return to its pre-Covid levels. That doesn’t mean we can’t study and identify international volunteer opportunities.  We can also volunteer in our home countries while we await the world to open up. 

Many of us, when we reach the age of fifty, and beyond, start thinking about our plans for retirement.  In this newsletter issue, I have included some important information about planning retirement abroad.  Before choosing a retirement country, there are considerations about heath care, financial planning and the standard of living in contemplated countries.  Those subjects are discussed in this issue.   You will also find information about the world’s best and easiest places to retire and countries that offer incentives to foreign retirees.

I haven’t forgotten international volunteering.  You will find an article about a Canadian woman who is passionate about Habitat for Humanity as well as a description of 6 volunteer vacations.  There are also articles about apps that make your travel planning easier and the popularity of solo group tours.

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How to Best Retire Abroad

Peter Greenberg, Travel Editor for CBS News offers some excellent ideas that a retiree should consider before making the move abroad. Watch and listen to the video at Greenberg. (There is an opening ad prior to the video.)

The World’s Best Places to Retire in 2022

International Living, a leading publication specializing in living abroad, does an annual, in-depth study of the countries that are best suited for retirement.  Read about their choices for 2022 in World’s Best.

Retiring Abroad – 6 Countries That Offer Incentives to Retire There

Laura Kiniry, writing for Conde Nast Traveler, describes six countries that offer incentives for retirees in Incentives.

A Passion for Habitat for Humanity

Canadian volunteer Sharon Conway found that Habitat for Humanity was helping families with home ownership on a worldwide scale. “She knew she had to be involved”. Writer Angela Cowan, in the Vancouver Island Free Daily, tells Sharon’s story in Habitat.

Giving Back While Giving Away – 6 Amazing Volunteer Vacations

Writer Joe Cuhaj, on the website Travel Awaits, offers 6 great ideas for volunteer vacations. He also has some important suggestion for questions that a prospective volunteer should ask sending organizations See 6 Volunteer Vacations.

New Apps to Help You Plan Your Next Getaway in 2022

Stephanie Rosenbloom, in the New York Times, describes some apps that can be of great help to you in planning your next travel adventure. See Apps.

Solo Group Tours Gain Popularity

Solo travel group tours gained popularity during the pandemic. Cheryl Rodewig, writing for the AARP (American Association for Retired People), describes some tour opportunities that are available during the pandemic. Read Solo

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