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ELI Abroad

ELI Abroad
Serving more than 26 nations and welcoming volunteers from around the world, ELI Abroad is an experienced non-profit that offers participants exciting opportunities to make a difference. Our low-cost programs include housing, placement services and excellent in-country support.

We work with orphanages, schools, hospitals, clinics and local organizations in Africa, Asia, Central and South America and Europe.

Our volunteers come from different backgrounds but they all have two qualities in common: they’re independent and caring. Whether you’re 18 or 80 (Yes! We’ve had 80 year old volunteers!) we can place you in a program that best suits your needs, interests and skills.

Uncertain what you’d like to do? Give us a call: our knowledgeable staff can discuss available options or suggest a custom experience set up just for you.

Bottom line: If you’re ready for the world, ELI is ready for you.

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