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Greenheart Travel’s Volunteer Abroad programs offer a unique and exciting way to travel and are for all ages. We combine rewarding service work with unmatched opportunities to learn about fascinating cultures from the inside, as you never could through the windows of a tour bus.

Greenheart Travel is a division of the Center for Cultural Interchange (CCI). Established in 1985, CCI is a nonprofit international exchange organization dedicated to the promotion of cultural understanding, academic development, environmental consciousness, and world peace, and has served thousands of participants. Programs are offered all over the world, for varying lengths of time, making it easy to find the best match for your travel and volunteer needs.

Not only will you be making a positive difference, you will also be immersing yourself in a new culture, learning a new language and building lasting relationships with your host family and fellow volunteers.

Whether you teach English to school children in Ghana, plant trees in Costa Rica or volunteer with the disabled in Argentina, you will come away with unforgettable memories and the sense of fulfillment that comes from donating your time to a meaningful service project.

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