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Isla - offering internships in Kosovo, Uganda and Bulgaria

Isla partners with universities and academic institutions, mostly in the U.S. and around the world, as well with partner organizations, to make an impact in global sustainable development and social awareness through an exchange of experience during internship placements of students with local organizations. Our organization expands its internship programs in Europe, Asia and Africa. Isla creates and provides opportunities to take part in various volunteer internship placement programs, such as individual or in-group faculty-led programs.

Isla builds upon the organizational capacity-building work of our local partners – social enterprises, non-governmental organizations, and other institutions – by placing talented university undergraduate and graduate students and professionals from around the world in global sustainable development internships.

Isla recruits participants to assist our local partner organizations on a 9-26+ weeks internship, and mid- and post-career professionals in short-term gap service positions of 1-4+ weeks. Isla also leads university faculty-led programs. Typically, participants will have the education, skills, and/or the work experience to meet the needs of the local organizations. Isla Participants execute the Scope of Work (SOW) developed by the host partner organization, thus improving the partner’s capacity to serve their beneficiaries and communities, and advance strategic objectives and priorities. As a mutual benefit, Isla Participants improve their skills while helping their host organization improve operations and outcomes. Participants work on substantive projects with organizations in Uganda, Kosovo, Bulgaria and India, working in one or more of the following interrelated global development sectors:

  • Agriculture
  • Arts, Culture & Social Impact
  • Education and Youth
  • Entrepreneurship & Social Enterprise
  • Environmental &Wildlife Conservation
  • Health & Medial
  • Human Rights, Democracy & Governance

Placing talented people inside purposeful partner organizations, Isla hopes to create opportunities for greater global understanding, cooperation, and community service.

Isla participants also fill the gaps with skills related to the needs of the organization, such as resource mobilization, fundraising, grant writing, business and strategic planning, marketing and social media, communications, research and more.

How does it work?

Isla‘s philosophy derives from the knowledge that local people, organizations and communities are best equipped to guide development in their communities. Isla consults with local partners to help identify their organizational needs. Based on the needs of the host organization, Isla places skilled international people to execute the scope of work developed by the host organization, thus improving the partner’s capacity to serve their beneficiaries and communities, and advance strategic objectives and priorities.

Currently, Isla partners with more than thirty local organizations in Kosovo, Bulgaria, India and Uganda, which allows Isla to provide opportunities to students and professionals for internship placements in many sectors to match their unique set of skills and interests.

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