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For those who can brave long walks, late night shifts, insects, and occasional downpours, working with sea turtles can be one of the most rewarding experiences of your life.

Volunteering on a sea turtle nesting beach is not a vacation; it is an opportunity to make a difference, participate in scientific research, and meet new people. Turtle conservation volunteering is hard work but the benefits include new experiences, lots of good exercise, and learning a new language.

SEE Turtles is a non-profit conservation project that will connect you at no cost with a sea turtle conservation project in Central America. We work with volunteer projects in Mexico, Costa Rica, Tobago, and Guatemala.

At most turtle projects, the work involves participating in nightly beach patrols, looking for nesting sea turtles helping researchers collect data.

Volunteers at most projects need to commit to at least one week and be able to cover food, lodging, and transportation costs. Most projects charge $15 – 30/day for food and lodging.

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