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Volunteer Service Abroad

Volunteer Service Abroad (VSA) sends extraordinary Kiwis to share their experience and knowledge with local people and communities, to make better lives for everyone.

Working together with our regional neighbours, our volunteers create new opportunities for people that will continue to ripple across communities and generations to come.

Right now VSA volunteers are working on everything from disaster recovery in Vanuatu and Fiji to safe drinking water for people in Kiribati.

Together with our overseas partners, our volunteers are building local businesses, providing education and improving health, safeguarding the environment and fostering good governance, delivering nearly 200 community-driven and owned projects.

VSA was founded in Wellington 55 years ago, and is New Zealand’s largest and most experienced volunteer agency working in international development. Sir Edmund Hillary, VSA’s founding President, believed passionately that if people work together in equal partnership they can achieve great things.

Today VSA knows that we make the most difference through people, partnerships and the lasting relationships these create. Our volunteers come from a wide range of backgrounds, from business mentors and lawyers, to health professionals and eco-tourism operators.

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