International Job Listings

I have added a section under Reference Information for International Job Listings. In the section are links to recruitment organizations seeking candidates for international employment. I am not personally associated with any of the organizations nor do I have experience with them. I have added them due to the many requests I have had from …

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Jill Vickers

Jill Vickers is a producer of film documentaries and also a former Peace Corps Volunteer. Jill was a member of a Peace Corps female vaccination teams in the late 1960’s in Afghanistan. The women traveled throughout the country working with Afghan male vaccinators on a small pox vaccination program done in conjunction with the United …

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Peggy Kelsey

Peggy Kelsey received degrees in social work and education before undertaking extensive world travels. A professional photographer and resident of the Austin area since 1980, Peggy was privileged to meet with a delegation of 14 Afghan women who passed through Austin, Texas in the fall of 2002. The strength, humor and resiliency of the women …

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Alexia Nestora

Alexia Nestora is a travel writer and pubic relations specialist in the voluntourism industry who writes a blog The blog is a source of the latest trends, studies and developments in voluntourism. Alexia also writes travel safety articles for the online travel publication Her articles may be accessed at:

Kirsty Henderson

Kirsty has spent over 12 months out of the past two and a half years as a volunteer. During that time she’s done disaster relief work in Bangladesh, Indonesia and twice in Haiti. She has written an ebook called The Underground Guide to International Volunteering ( which gives tips and advice to travellers who want …

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A Special Gift

Peace Corps Online

When President Kennedy announced the formation of the Peace Corps I was newly married and beginning what turned out to be a very erratic career. I was greatly interested in the Peace Corps but the timing just wasn’t right. I have always had a hankering for things international and enjoy meeting new people and exploring different cultures. As a young veteran in the late fifties, an army buddy and I drove to Mexico City from Los Angeles to attend college on the G.I. bill. My goal was to get a degree in international relations. My goal wasn’t reached and I returned home. I was concerned about the $60 a month car payment I had left my parents to handle. My buddy stayed on and ended up becoming a professor at a California college. Fortunately my curiosity for the world was not left behind in Mexico City.