Earthwatch Institute

Earthwatch photo of wild orca by David Gaspard

Earthwatch Institute is an international non-profit organization that brings science to life for people concerned about the Earth’s future. Founded in 1971, Earthwatch supports scientific field research by offering volunteers the opportunity to join research teams around the world. This unique model is creating a systematic change in how the public views science and its …

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African Conservation Foundation

logo for African Conservation Foundation

Occasionally an opportunity arises that can change your life for ever. For over ten years, African Conservation Foundation has arranged for people to join conservation initiatives on Game and Nature Reserves in southern Africa, rainforests in west Central Africa, and marine conservation efforts in Mozambique. By working on projects such as great apes, reforestation, elephant …

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Global Vision International

Global Vision International logo

Global Vision International (GVI) was formed in 1998 to provide support and services to international charities, non-profits and governmental agencies through volunteering opportunities and direct funding. GVI is guided by a unique commitment to its volunteers and to its partners. To the volunteer it offers safe responsible travel experiences, exceptional training and career development opportunities …

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