Fall 2018 Newsletter

Movng Worlds Experteers at work

It has been a difficult year for many in the world’s population.  War, famine, political unrest and natural disasters have produced the largest number of refugees since World War II.  Because of this, many people need help.

As you are reading this newsletter, you are interested in helping.  The key question is how to choose a way to help that is both ethical and truly helps all involved.  A successful international volunteer experience rewards all the participating parties.   I have found that the sharing of cultures and ideas, and the friends I have made all over the world, have been the greatest rewards of my volunteering experiences.  I would like you to experience the same rewards.

In this issue of our newsletter are two excellent articles on choosing ethical and successful volunteer programs.  Also, recent revelations about fraudulent volunteer programs to help orphans, have made those who wish to help children understandably concerned about finding worthwhile volunteer programs.  Also, Tina Rosenberg, in a New York Times Opinion column, examines how to choose a successful program to help children.

Other articles in this issue discuss getting teaching jobs around the world over 50 years of age, what it is like to take a year off and travel and the tale of a retired sea captain who finds fulfillment as a volunteer on Mercy Ships.  See more.


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