Fall 2020

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Travel and international volunteering continue to be deeply affected by the prevalence of the Covid-19 corona virus in the world. I was personally affected recently when an international election observation mission in which I was going to participate was canceled due to the virus. However, there is a way we can stay involved internationally. We can volunteer virtually.

In my research for this newsletter I found several articles that offer links to organizations with virtual volunteering opportunities. Programs including teaching to home-bound seniors, reading programs with children, legal assistants, content creators, and many more openings, will be found in the Virtual Volunteering During Corona Virus piece by the American Association of Retired People (AARP).

In Organizations and Volunteers Working Together for Peace and Development you will find the many openings the United Nations Volunteers (UNV) has for virtual volunteers. After I left my Peace Corps service, I had the opportunity, and pleasure, to serve as a UNV. I highly recommend the organization. Also, virtual volunteering with them could lead to international volunteer deployments in the future.

Other articles in this newsletter include a recommended packing list for use during this corona virus period, a discussion of the benefits of long-term versus short-term volunteering and an opinion piece about finding the right fit in a volunteer mission.

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Happy Volunteering!
John Dwyer

volunteering virtually

Volunteering Virtually During Corona Virus

The American Association of Retired People (AARP) haspublished an article about virtual volunteering that is an excellent guide to what one should consider when choosing a virtual volunteer opportunity.  Read at AARP

get involved with virtual volunteering

How to Get Involved With Virtual Volunteering

Idealist, org, had a short, but useful, article about how to get involved in virtual volunteering.  In also includes a list of organizations seeking virtual volunteers. Read at How to Get Involved.

online categories for UN volunteers

Online Categories for United Nations Volunteers

After I service in the Peace Corps I was a United Nations Volunteer (UNV) in the post-war Balkans.  I thoroughly enjoyed the experience.  The UN is currently seeking virtual volunteers with a variety of skills and experience.  See UNV.

coronavirus packing list

Coronavirus Packing List

Abigail (Abi) King, a former medical doctor, has the popular blog Inside the Travel Lab.  Abi has compiled an excellent corona virus packing list at Travel During Covid

6 ways to volunteer abroad

6 Ways to Volunteer Abroad and Be Really Useful

Judith Lasker, a sociology professor at Lehigh University, believes that longer volunteer projects are more productive than shorter-term projects.  In an interview with writer Rick Walleigh, in Forbes, she explains why and offers her tips about worthwhile volunteer experiences in 6 Ways to Volunteer Abroad.

devex: 3 things to consider before volunteering

Opinion: 3 things to consider before volunteering

DEVEX is a platform for the global community. They recently published an opinion piece by two seasoned experts about finding the right fit and purpose in a volunteer mission.  Read 3 Things to Consider.

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