International Handicrafts

Handicrafts are a very important part of a developing country’s economy. Aside from their economic impact they also hone the skills and talents of the artisans while preserving unique ancestral and cultural crafts. The cottage industries built around handicrafts are particularly important to women. I first noticed this while serving with the Peace Corps in Guatemala.

The weaving cooperatives within the Maya community were a thriving part of the local economy.  They also allowed women to earn income at home while caring for their families.  It is for this reason that I find information about handicraft suppliers a natural fit for  By purchasing handicrafts the buyer helps support these international artisans and their economies while also owning and enjoying their work.

The sellers that I have listed in the International Handicrafts section all support and use Fair Trade practices.  Fair Trade principles assure that the artists and craftspeople who create and develop the handicrafts are paid a fair price for their work.  Fair Trade practices also promote and support higher social and environmental standards. does not receive any income from the organizations listed here.  The information listed here has been provided by the organizations.

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