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Mark Horoszowski and his co-founder, while traveling and volunteering internationally, found a need for an organization that matched volunteer skills with international groups that needed those skills.  And so Moving Worlds was born.  I recently spoke with Mark about Moving Worlds and its unique mission in the world of international volunteering.

John: How does MovingWorlds differ from other volunteer sending and placement organizations?
Mark: You can think of MovingWorlds like an Airbnb for the international volunteer market – we provide a platform to make connections and build trust. Instead of operating our own programs, we find organizations around the world that are looking for your skills, and match you with the Experteering trip that best fits your schedule, desired location and skills.
Beyond helping you find a good experience, We are focused on ensuring that our Experteering engagements leave a sustainable impact in the field, as we truly believe that volunteers with professional experience can contribute to the sustainable development goals.

Experteer Sarah Horrigan in Tanzania.
Experteer Sarah Horrigan
in Tanzania.

John: Please define and explain the term “Experteering”.
Mark: The combination of “Expertise” and “Volunteering”. Here’s an article about how we coined the term.
There are confirming that a lack of “access to talent” is one of the leading barriers to progress, so we believe the most valuable asset that anybody can give is their know-how, and we felt that “volunteering” didn’t quite do that justice.

John: When I think of “skills-based” I think of professional experience such engineering, teaching, nursing, law etc. How does a prospective volunteer know she/he has the needed skills to become a successful “Experteer”?
Mark: We think any person with at least two years of work experience, in ANY field, can be an effective Experteer. Some people find it easier to think about it this way: Imagine you’re an independent consultant; what types of projects would you enjoy tackling. What type do you currently do in a week? In 2 weeks? In a month? Another method: Imagine yourself as a manager…what advice or skills can you impart on your team. What might they ask you? How can you help them be better?

John: Please explain the levels of membership with 

and the benefits at each level.
Mark: We have two membership levels – the standard plan gives you unlimited access to our matching and planning site, and a premium plan that adds personal support so that you can have Skype calls with our planning team to help guide you through the process, and even work with you to custom source a new project.
Both plans guarantee to match you with a skills-based Experteering project. Both memberships help you navigate through the planning process so that you are prepared to travel safely, make a real impact, have an amazing experience, and learn something in the process.

Movng Worlds Experteers at work
Movng Worlds Experteers at work

John: Please explain the process a MovingWorlds member goes through from initial membership to choosing, and being accepted for, a volunteer assignment.
Mark: Our full process to help you find an Experteering project abroad can be found here.

In summary:
1. Create a profile – and our website will begin to suggest projects based on your skills and preferences.
2. Purchase membership – so that we may verify you as a member and provide support through the matching and planning process.
3. Request introductions – find projects that interest you and request an introduction to its representative. Our support team reviews and supports all introductions from both sides.
4. Get introduced – If there is a match, you will be introduced to an organization to talk about the possibility of a trip on a Skype call.
5. Start planning – Assuming your conversation goes well with your hosting organization, you’ll be invited to an online planning process in partnership with your host to make sure you have everything needed for an effective engagement. During this time, MovingWorlds equips you with an online training and guides, to help you plan an effective trip.
6. Go Experteering!
As a member of MovingWorlds (both membership levels), if you ever have questions during this process, you can email our support team for guidance. If you choose the premium membership, we can offer you 1-on-1 support via Skype.

John: Please explain your “money-back guarantee” offer.
Mark: Simple! If you don’t match with a project that you love, we will refund your full membership fee.

John: Are there any other thoughts or ideas you would like to share with the visitors to Over50andOverseas?
Mark: We’ve helped people from all ages and walks of life go Experteering, and we’ve shared a few of their stories in Forbes – if you are considering going Experteering (on your own or through MovingWorlds) it’s worth reading that article to see how other people in your shoes made positive change with their time overseas.

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