An Interview with Nicholas Kristof

Nicholas Kristof in Kenya
Nicholas Kristof in Kenya

I recently interviewed, Nicholas Kristof, New York Times Op-Ed columnist via email.  The interview appeared in Transitions Abroad.  Kristof and his wife, Sheryl WuDunn, have written an excellent book, A Path Appears, about, as the sub-title says, “Transforming Lives, Creating Opportunity”. The book discusses how important small donations of time and money are to successful individual and international development.  It relates examples of  how people and organizations can change lives by small step-by-step donations or initiatives .  Kristof also discusses international volunteering in the interview.  He offers his thoughts about both the positive and negative effects that volunteering can produce. Based upon his long experience in developing countries, Kristof gives his ideas of what works best.  A Path Appears is the subject of a recent three-part  documentary on the Public Broadcasting Service (PBS), a broadcast television network in the U.S.

To read the interview click here.

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