March 2021

At the time of this writing, the number of Covid-19 cases world-wide is diminishing.  Parts of the world are beginning to open up to travelers.  However, it will be a while before one can plan an international volunteer trip.  To obtain the latest information on world travel and health conditions visit the Personal Health section of our website.  If you scroll to the bottom of the page you will find links to the latest health information from various governments and an international medical association.

This issue of our newsletter offers some timely articles about the changes, due to the Covid pandemic, that could affect world voluntourism and the implementation of international aid. Other articles discuss doing voluntourism to ensure a positive outcome, sustainable and environmental travel, and volunteer programs in the U.S.

photo of volunteers building houses

Voluntourism – Doing it Right

In the Borgen Magazine, writer Amanda Ostuni discusses the “ways to do voluntourism right and ensure a truly positive impact.”. Read Doing it Right.

photo of medical staff performing covid tests

Volunteering after Covid-19 – What Needs to be Done

Peter Slowe, founder and director of Projects Abroad, in the World Economic Forum,  discusses the future of voluntourism after Covid-19.  See After Covid-19

volunteer giving child clean drinking water

Rethinking humanitarianism – Will coronavirus change aid?

U.N. Secretary General Antonio Gutterres called the coronavirus pandemic “the greatest test” the world has faced since World War II.  Jessica Alexander, in this article in the New Humanitarian, writes about the changes Covid-19 might bring to the international aid sector. See Rethinking Humanitarianism.

photo of an adult and two children tending to a food crop

Environmental volunteering- Key to saving the planet.

Emily Folk, creator of the blog Conservation Folks, outlines some categories a prospective environmental volunteer can consider when choosing a volunteer opportunity.  The categories discussed cover both domestic and international volunteering.  See  E-volunteering.

photo of a woman looking over a beautiful blue lake, with mountains in the distance

Twelve Ways to Travel Sustainably in 2021

Andrew Fazekas, in National Geographic Travel, offers some unique, and even quirky, ideas for sustainable travel. See 12 Ways.

basic map of the United States

Volunteering in the United States

For my international subscribers who are interested in volunteering in the United States, GoOverseas, has listed many organizations that offer such opportunities. See Volunteer USA.

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Volunteer Programs (By Type, Region and Country)
Choosing An Organization
Pay to Volunteer?
Questions to Ask Former Volunteers
Personal Health (Preparation and Tips)
Travel Security

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