Planning for Renewed Global Travel

Many of us are planning global travel later in the year.  For those of you who are considering an international trip, there is a list available of which countries have opened up, and which have not, Visit  World Nomads.

All international volunteer sending organizations have been affected by coronavirus travel restrictions.  I suggest that when you contact a sending organization you ask for detailed information about what measures they are taking to protect both the volunteers and local participants in their current international volunteer programs.

Sustainable travel has, understandably, become an important part of the travel industry and the environmental movement. In this issue, you will find an excellent article discussing and defining sustainable travel and how we can practice it.  You will also find an article on responsible tourism by travel writer Tim Leffel and pieces assessing voluntourism, discussing a new work/nature visa program on the island of Dominica, and Medicare coverage options for traveling U.S. retirees.

image depicts a couple standing on the wharf of a tropical island with their luggage. Villas over the water and a boat are in the background

What Is Sustainable Travel?

The term “sustainable travel” is both much used and also slightly vague.  UK travel blogger Charlie Marchant, in What Is Sustainable Travel, does an excellent job of explaining both the term and how we can apply it in our personal travels and volunteering. Read Sustainable Travel.

image depicts a street in Mexico with a mountain in the distance.

U.S. Expat Living in Mexico on $1200 a Month

Writer Janet Blaser retired to Mexico and lives on $1200 a month.  In her article for CNBC she discusses both the good and the bad sides of living there.  Read Retiree in Mexico.

Photo by Daniel Apodaca

image depicts three male travellers standing in an old cobbled street, looking down over a European town

A Country-by-Country Guide to Reopened Europe

Six European countries have reopened to travelers.  This New York Times article discusses the countries and their traveler requirements ln Reopened Europe.

image depicts a sign which says "Please take nothing but flowers. Leave nothing but footprints."

Responsible Tourism

Travel writer Tim Leffel wrote about his book, A Better Life at Half the Price, in our April Newsletter. In a recent piece on his blog Cheapest he discusses responsible international travel and what does and does not help locals. Read Responsible Tourism.

image depicts a man in the foreground wearing a hard hat and light blue jumper. Background features people building a house.

What Is Voluntourism?

A great amount has been written about voluntourism, much of it negative.  Writing for, Katherine Gallagher gives a very balanced assessment in What is Voluntourism.

Image shows the hilly, tropical island of Dominica, with ocean in the foreground

Dominica Debuts Work Nature Visa Program

Matt Turner writes that the Caribbean island of Dominica has launched an extended stay visa program called Work in Nature (WIN). The program allows one to work remotely on the island for up to 18 months. Read more about the new visa program.

Image depicts a woman medical professional wearing a lab coat and standing in a garden.

Medicare coverage options for retirees eager to travel

Many United States citizens who have Medicare have questions about medical coverage while traveling. Jim Miller, writing for,  answers many of those questions in his article. Click here to read about Medicare options for retirees.

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