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Summer is at our doorstep and so is the busiest time for international volunteering and voluntourism.  Many of you are either embarking upon or planning your international volunteer trip. I began my international volunteering early this year. I traveled to Ukraine in March and April to observe two rounds of the Ukrainian presidential election.  Both times I returned home with a sense of fulfillment and excitement from being able to work with the Ukrainian people and my international colleagues.  I wish you the same satisfaction and fulfillment from your international volunteer experiences.

I had the pleasure of traveling to Europe in 2017 with my college sophomore granddaughter.  I recently wrote an article about the trip for Transitions Abroad. You will find it at Traveling with Your College Aged Granddaughter.

In this newsletter issue you will find articles that address topics I believe will be of interest to both the veteran and the novice international volunteer.

I receive many inquiries from visitors to my website who are interested in volunteering or working with animals. An eye-opening article in National Geographic, about wildlife tourism, although not specifically addressed to volunteering, illustrates the importance of thoroughly investigating both volunteer and travel opportunities. Nick Kristof, in the New York Times, writes about how the organization Trickle Up uses a new development method called the Graduation Approach to address poverty in Paraguay.  An interview with Kristof that appeared in an earlier newsletter is here. Included in this edition is information about volunteer opportunities in America, addressing risks while traveling and adapting a growth mindset.  You will find out the reason no one cares about your travels when you return home!  If volunteering on a tropical island beckons, you will discover summer volunteer opportunities on the island of Maui in the Hawaiian Islands.  Finally, for those of you who are iPhone users, there is a guide to using your iPhone abroad.  I apologize to the Android phone users.  I will try to find some information to offer you in a future newsletter.

elephants in wildlife tourism

SUFFERING UNSEEN: The Dark Truth About Wildlife Tourism

This article in National Geographic, by Natasha Day, although more about travel than volunteering, indicates how important it is to thoroughly investigate all volunteer opportunities.

Read Suffering Unseen


Columnist Nick Kristof, in the New York Times, discusses how the organization, Trickle Up, is using the Graduation Approach to help indigenous people in Paraguay gain hope and leave poverty.

Read Graduation Approach


There are a number of opportunities to volunteer in the United States. Opportunities include, but are not limited to, environmental work in national parks, working on organic farms, disaster relief, helping individuals with developmental and intellectual disabilities and other volunteer openings.

Read Volunteer in the U.S.


Travel security preparation, whether traveling at home or abroad, is a must for every traveler /volunteer. Patrick Scott, writing in the New York Times, offers some excellent ideas and links to websites that can help you prepare for your trips.

Read Assess Security Risks


Although this article by Tina Chow, on the website Thrive Global is not directly about volunteering, it does offer some useful tips on how to mentally prepare for both travel and volunteering.

Read Adapt a Growth Mindset


If you are heading to the Hawaiian island of Maui this is for you. Jen Russo, writing on the website Maui Time, tells how you can experience Maui while giving back with Voluntourism.

Read Maui Volunteering


I don’t know about you but I always wonder if I am using my iPhone properly and effectively while I am traveling overseas. With apologies to those of you who have Android phones, and as an iPhone user, I found this article in The Budget Minded Traveler very helpful.

Read iPhone Abroad

Thank you for visiting my website and for reading this newsletter.  Please contact me with any questions, or if you have some ideas about additional information you would like to see in future newsletters or on Over50andOverseas.

Happy Volunteering!

John Dwyer

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