Interview with author Susan E. Gibson

The number of Covid infections are in decline world wide.  We are now able to plan international trips and volunteer assignments with reasonable confidence that we can complete them. I recently had the pleasure of interviewing author Susan E. Gibson.  Susan has written what I believe is the most useful and practical book on international …

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Interview with Mark Horoszowski of Moving Worlds

Jamie - Experteering

Mark Horoszowski and his co-founder, while traveling and volunteering internationally, found a need for an organization that matched volunteer skills with international groups that needed those skills.  And so Moving Worlds was born.  I recently spoke with Mark about Moving Worlds and its unique mission in the world of international volunteering. John: How does MovingWorlds …

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Interview with Elizabeth Andrews – Habitat for Humanity Team Leader

  Elizabeth Andrews is an anthropologist by education and profession.  She worked as an anthropologist for many years for the State of Alaska.  In 2002 Elizabeth was inspired to volunteer internationally with Habitat for Humanity.  She is now a Team Leader and will be leading teams to Kyrgyzstan and Guatemala later this year.  Elizabeth discusses …

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An Interview with Peace Corps Director Carrie Hessler-Radelet

Gregory Hubbs, Editor-in-Chief of Transitions Abroad and I recently had the pleasure of interviewing Peace Corps Director Carrie Hessler-Radelet.  Hessler-Radelet has made some major and positive changes to Peace Corps during her tenure.  Among other changes, she has shortened the time it takes to process applications and put an emphasis on recruiting volunteers over the …

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An Interview with Nicholas Kristof

I recently interviewed, Nicholas Kristof, New York Times Op-Ed columnist via email.  The interview appeared in Transitions Abroad.  Kristof and his wife, Sheryl WuDunn, have written an excellent book, A Path Appears, about, as the sub-title says, “Transforming Lives, Creating Opportunity”. The book discusses how important small donations of time and money are to successful individual and …

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Interview with Mike Rosenkrantz in Nepal

  Mike Rosenkrantz has spent the past few years working and volunteering in Nepal.  He wrote Living in a Village in Nepal for this website and it has been very popular.  Mike continues to live in Nepal and he kindly agreed to the following email interview with me.  I know you find it interesting and …

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Over 70 and Traveling the World – An Inspirational Interview

An interview with husband and wife Don and Alison, ages 70 and 63 respectively, who are traveling the world. Nomadic Matt talks with this inspirational couple who made the decision to sell their condo and “have a life”.

Interview with Kristin Johnson of Women in Progress

Kristin Johnson and Renae Adam served as Peace Corps Volunteers in Ghana from 1992 to 1995. While serving in nearby villages they collaborated on projects helping to empower women.  Kristin and Renae returned home after their Peace Corps service but their love of Ghana and its people never left them.  They were particularly impressed by …

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Michael J. Rosenkrantz Interview

M._Rosenkrantz_at_festival-smallMichael J. Rosenkrantz is currently in India working with Voluntary Services Overseas (VSO) as a Fundraising Advisor/Organizational Capacity Builder.  Mike’s first connection with India goes back to his days at Northeastern University when he befriended a fellow student from that country.   In 2008,  Mike, while searching for international  volunteer opportunities,  found VSO on this website and began his volunteer journey.  Mike is 55 and the father of two children.  Daniel, 26, lives on an ashram in California and is becoming a monk and Sarah, 22, is married to Ricardo who is from Brazil.  Sarah is a musician, dancer and actor    Formerly  Director of Alliance for Living, an HIV/AIDS service organization in Connecticut, Mike loves basketball.  He is a coach at the Delhi YMCA.  Mike also invites readers to become his friend on Facebook and see the photos of his India experiences.

Brad Nahill Interview

Brad Nahill, co-founder of SEEtheWILD, has spent many years working in wildlife conservation and ecotourism.  Prior to co-finding Brad was a co- founder of SEE Turtles ( an ecotourism and volunteer organization dedicated to preserving and protecting sea turtles.  Brad has also worked as a consultant in the ecotourism industry. He helped found the EcoTeach Foundation and worked with Rare on a project building community-based ecotourism enterprises in World Heritage sites.  

John Dwyer of recently interviewed Brad Nahill and discussed the background and concepts of and the volunteer opportunities offered by the organization.

John:   The SEE Turtles organization ( that you and Dr. Wallace J. Nichols formed in 2007 to combine sea turtle conservation, ecotourism and environmental education has been very successful.  How did that experience serve as a springboard for SEEtheWILD?